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Water Marketing

Water marketing can be both positive and negative economic system. For example, on a positive aspect, economic theory state that markets and prices play a role in allocation of resources among competing uses and they provide incentives to conserve and invest in new supplies (Frederick, 2001). This theory can be applied to water use in a competitive economy.

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Secondly, water marketing can lead to price adjustments due to supply and demand. According to Frederick (2001), it is noted that when demand increases faster than supply prices would ultimately rise (Frederick, 2001). He explains that higher prices provide incentives to use less, to produce more, and to develop and adopt technologies that conserve use and increase output. Markets enable resources to move from lower to higher-value uses as conditions change (Frederick, 2001). For example, it should be noted that water, which was traditionally used for irrigation, could be more valuable as a municipal water source. Frederick (2001) explains that tradable water rights potentially encourage conservation and a more economically efficient allocation of scarce water resources (Frederick, 2001).

Currently, we know that water is underpriced. However, this should not be the factor to make water an expensive commodity. Equity should be considered before water marketing is incorporated in our economic system. My argument is based on the fact that if water is marketed, poor people will no be able to afford to have water and we all know that water is life. 


Newport Historical Development, Water Quality, Capital Projects and Water Allocation Laws.

Newport City

Newport is a small Island about 30 miles south of Providence, Rhode Island. Newport being an Island is surrounded by water. According to the City of Newport Water Division (2012), the city owns nine surface water reservoirs that are located within the five Rhode Island Municipalities (City of Newport Water Division, 2012). These reservoirs include Lawton valley Reservoir, St. Mary’s pond, Sisson pond, Easton Reservoir, Gardiner pond, Nelson pond, Nonquit pond and Watson pond (City of Newport Water Division, 2012).

The city of Newport is supplied by station 1 that draws water from Easton and Nelson ponds. The station is seasonally supplemented with water from Watson pond (City of Newport, 2012). According to the city of Newport Department of Planning map (2012), the Nelson pond is located in Middletown and connected by a pipeline to Gardiner pond (City of Newport, 2012). It is also noted that the Nelson pond and Gardiner pond are operated as a single reservoir. Nelson pond receives water from Maid ford River and Paradise brook. The watershed for the Nelson pond is about 600 acres in area (Newport Public Water and Sewer utilities, 2012).

The Historical Development of Lawton Valley Newport

According to the City of Newport Department of Utilities (2012), water supply development started in 1876. The first company that was involved in water works was incorporated in 1881. It was later succeeded by the Newport Water Corporation in 1929 (City of Newport Department of Utilities, 2012). It should be noted that since 1936, the City of Newport has owned and operated the system (City of Newport Department of Utilities, 2012). Currently, the Newport Water Division is a division of the City of Newport's Department of Utilities that is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water supply system. The Newport Water Department operates as an enterprise fund independent of the overall City budget (City of Newport Department of Utilities, 2012).  
Newport Water draws its water supply from nine surface reservoirs. The raw water is treated at one of the two water treatment facilities - Station 1 Plant in Newport or Lawton Valley Plant in Portsmouth. For this assignment, I will concentrate of Lawton Valley plant in Portsmouth. I will talk about the climate, weather and other factors influencing water supply of this plant and Newport in general.
According to U.S Environment Protection Agency EPA (2012), the main difference between lakes and ponds is size (EPA, 2012). Because ponds are also usually artificially created and are not natural, this fact explains why artificial ponds do not influence the climate of a given area. Lawton Valley reservoir is small and has the same water temperature from top to bottom. This reservoir is greatly affected by Newport weather. Cech (2010) notes that weather is generally determined by five variables; temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction (Cech, 2010). Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth are completely within the Narragansett Bay watershed that connects the Sakonnet River. As earlier noted, Newport has many freshwater resources including wetlands such as Ponds and streams. The average annual temperature in Newport ranges between 19 degrees to 82 degrees Fahrenheit in January and August respectively (Weather Channel, 2012). Most streams drain to the Narragansett Bay and the Sakonnet River. The Lawton Valley Reservoir is located in the southern section of Middletown (Woodard & Curran, 2009).
The Lawton Valley Reservoir supplies water for domestic use for Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth. Although, there are other reservoirs that do supply water to the above, Lawton valley reservoir plays a great role as the reservoir is connected to Sakonnet River that drains from Narragansett Bay.

Newport Water Quality

In November 2008, February 2009, May 2009, and August 2009 the Newport Water Division issued notices that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standard for Total Trihalomethane (TTHM) level was exceeded. Newport Water Division (2012) reports that the maximum contaminant level (MCL) established by the EPA for TTHMs is 80 parts per billion (ppb) for a four quarter running average (Newport City Water Division, 2012).  However, the Newport Water Division reports that Newport returned to compliance for TTHM levels in the fourth quarter of 2009 with a reported level of 72.47 ppb (Newport Water Division, 2012). Therefore Newport Water continues be in compliance with TTHM levels through the second quarter of 2012.

Newport Water Capital Projects
Many capital projects were initiated to improve the quality of water. For example, in 2004 the short-term improvements at Station 1 included pretreatment for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) removal and the conversion to the use of chloramines as a secondary disinfectant to reduce Disinfectant By Product (DBP) levels (Newport city, 2012).
Secondly, the short-term improvements at Lawton Valley reservoir include pretreatment aimed at removing TOC, improving Chlorine Contact Time (CT) optimization and the conversion to the use of chloramines as a secondary disinfectant to reduce DBP levels (Newport city, 2012). What caught my attention is that the Office of Drinking Water Quality was vigilant about any steps taken to change existing treatment. The Office of Drinking Water Quality ensured that the installation of new treatment must review any potential effects on lead and copper levels in the distribution system including that of any wholesale customer (Newport city, 2012).
Also, Newport Water Division underwent through infrastructure replacement program. In general infrastructure replacement program covered all aspects of infrastructure. In regards to water, Newport Water Division identified approximately three miles of undersized water mains in 39 streets throughout the City. According to the city of Newport (2012), the scope of work included the replacement of existing water mains with new six inch or eight-inch mains. It also included the installation of new services including the curb stops, replacing existing hydrants, and repaving the streets at the disturbed areas (Newport city, 2012).

Newport Water Allocation laws
Rhode Island in general did not have water allocation laws until of recent. These laws are due to the sprawl growth and more need for water usage. Newport in particular introduced stringent local laws to limit public encroachment on dams and reservoirs. This was due to the fact that beaches that connect to the dams and ponds were contaminated and therefore water treatment facilities had no explanation of increasing water costs.  These laws include limiting dog walking around dam areas, beach closures, DNA sampling and fines for violations. Other laws generally entail all water resources and utilizing wastewater to facilitate water resources management in Rhode Island (Esposito, 2000).

Local Agency Involved in Water Management in Rhode Island

One of the local agencies involved in water management in Rhode Island is the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC). According to the U.S Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration USDC (2012), it is stated that the Rhode Island Sea Grant and supports the CRMC (USDC, 2012). 
USDC explains that the Rhode Island CRMC has initiated efforts that have led a well Ocean Special Management Area Plan (SAMP). Also, it is noted that the governor of Rhode Island is among the people that have driven this plan mainly because of his interest in offshore wind to meet a state goal of satisfying 15 percent of the state’s energy needs with renewable sources (USDC, 2012).
More importantly, Federal, state, tribal and local partners are involved in developing the SAMP (USDC, 2012). For example, state, tribal and locals have participated in the Federal review team for the SAMP. They work together on how the plan could be incorporated into Rhode Island’s federally approved coastal management program.
Water Treatment At Lawton Valley water Treatment Plant Newport, Rhode Island
The Lawton Valley water treatment plant in Newport Rhode Island draws its water supply from nine surface reservoirs. According to the city of Newport (2012), the raw water is treated at one of the two water treatment facilities. At station 1 Plant in Newport and Lawton Valley Plant in Portsmouth.
The water pretreatment includes Total Organic Carbon (TOC) removal and the conversion to the use of chloramines as a secondary disinfectant to reduce Disinfectant By Product (DBP) levels (City of Newport, 2012). The City of Newport Water Authority maintains a distribution system that services Newport, Middletown and a small section of Portsmouth.
According Rhode Island Office of Drinking Water Quality, a test performed in 2010 at the Lawton Valley Treatment plant indicated a fluoride level of 2.05 milligrams per liter (mg/l) entered the distribution system. This is a direct violation of the EPA Secondary Maximum Contaminant Level (SMCL) of 2.0 mg/l. The U.S Environmental Protection Agency EPA (2012) notes that elevated fluoride levels may cause a cosmetic dental problem that might affect children under nine years of age. The good thing is that the contamination of water did not reach the maximum level of 4.0 mg/l.


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How to start a green dry cleaning business?
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How to start a green dry cleaning business?
A dry cleaning green business can be one of the best businesses to start. Dry cleaning business can be incorporated with laundry services as well. Remember this niche is good for developing countries. Many developing countries I have visited lack public laundry places and dry cleaning services. Setting up a green dry cleaning business will lead you to unexpected profits.
What skills do you need to start a green dry cleaning business?
You will need to know green dry cleaning techniques. Green dry cleaning methods are methods that don’t destroy our environment. Therefore you need to focus on these methods that way, you tell you customers that you services not only benefits them but also encourages good environment stewardship.
Also, understanding how green cleaning products work with clothes or materials is important.
How much do you need for you green dry cleaning business?
This depends on many factors. For example, if you own a building in the area you plan to start the green dry cleaning business. Most likely, starting costs will be low.
Secondly, you need to buy green dry cleaning machines. In addition to green dry cleaning machines, you need to buy green materials and green chemicals that won’t destroy the environment.
What are the Risks of having a green dry cleaning business?
People in both developed and developing countries tend to think that green dry cleaning is just a luxury. However, this should not be a problem since many people would love to stand out at their work places. Try by all means to do a good job for your customers.  
The second risk is that people tend to have limited budgets. Setting good prices for your green dry cleaning services should be something to think about. Remember that people have bills such as car payments, mortgages, food, electricity cable, cell phone and so on. You will not have customers if the prices are high.
What is the Competition that you might face when starting a green dry cleaning business?
Market in some areas is just small. So targeting areas where there is no green dry cleaning services will put you on an advantage. Good places to start are areas around military bases and gated communities.  
If you are not interested in starting a green dry cleaning business, do not worry next week I will be giving another green business idea. Thank you for coming back.

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How to start a hotel and become a billionaire in a few months

How to start a green hotel business and become a billionaire in a few months

Everyone has at some point dreamt of becoming a billionaire or millionaire. Many of us have billionaires and millionaires in our families. However, we still not millionaires. Why is it so? This week I sat on my couch and asked myself. Why can’t I learn from my uncle Ismail Sekandi? Ismail Sekandi is multi-billionaire. This guy owns Rwizi Arch hotels and several real estates in Uganda, Kenya and Canada. Ismail Sekandi invested much in his family, paid tuition and fees for his niece and nephews. Ismail Sekandi has built mosques and churches in Uganda and helped many poor Ugandans. He is currently the executive director of Uganda Hotel Owners Association UHOA. But what does Ismail Sekandi do? How does he get all this money? What has made him succeed?

Note that Ismail Sekandi is an accountant by profession. Guess what? His profession did not get him rich though. It is Ismail Sekandi’s business ego that got him filthy rich. Trust me. He doesn’t like the word rich. I remember one day I was riding with him back to the village and one traffic police officer stopped our car. The officer knew my uncle and he asked him how he makes his money. My uncle told the officer that he saves money in different ways like driving himself, traveling in his own vehicles. I don’t know what his reaction will be if he happens to see this article. Anyway back to the point. I have decided to use my uncle as an example because he owns green hotels.

Rwizi Arch Hotel

What do you need to start a green hotel business and become a billionaire in a few months?

First, you need to own land. My uncle Ismail Sekandi owned land. His first hotel was built on land that was given to him by his father my grandfather Mapoli Ibrahim (R.I.P). Mapoli Ibrahim my grand father owned lots of land. Unfortunately, some of my relatives have sold off this land. We still have a few chucks left but it’s not that much. Why do you need to have land to able to start a green hotel business? With land, you will have lots of options ranging from securing a loan from the bank to building a hotel on that land.

Secondly, you need to have a profession job or a secure job. By secure I mean a job that you are sure to have until your hotel starts to bring income. For my uncle’s case, he was a finance manager at Uganda Coffee Marketing Board UCMB. His salary was catering for his family and paying his bills.

Rainmaker side
Foxwoods Casino,
My uncle made a plan and decided on what services his hotel business would offer. Rwizi Arch hotels offer affordable and budget friendly services. For example, Rwizi Arch Hotels offer amenities that include restaurants, conference hall services, swimming pool, and beauty spa and fitness center.

One point you should note is that location for hotel matters only if you have money to buy land or buy a building within or out the city. Hotels can still make money as longer as they offer different services. Foxwoods casino in Connecticut is deeply located in the woods but the casino is one of the biggest casinos in North America. Remember Foxwoods casino was built on a tribal land. It is owned by Native Americans meaning that they did not buy that land.  

Another thing you have to do is to write a business plan. Remember starting a green hotel business requires turns of cash. According to the U.S Small Business Administration SBA (2012), it is recommended that business plans should include a summary of the market analysis, a summary of operating procedures, a summary of long-term goals statements and an appeal for financial investment (SBA, 2012). If you are naive about this just hire a consultant. He or she will help writing a business plan.

For my uncle’s case, when he got the money, he applied for hotel operating permits. Note that this is in Uganda. In United States, to start a hotel business, you must apply for a hotel business license and tax identification number. What I do not know though, is whether one appropriator can just use his or her social security number for business and tax purposes.
Also note that in United States, many states have different permit and license requirements. For example, in United States you need manager’s license and licenses for selling food and alcohol beverages. Also, in United States, hotels that offer beauty spa services or a swimming pool will need additional licenses and liability insurance as well.

Remember to have a natural touch in your hotel designs. You might need to hire interior designers to do this. For your green business to succeed you need to incorporate nature friendly design in you hotel rooms, services and everything the can be sustainable.

One big and very important thing for your green hotel business is advertising and marketing your hotel services. One this you should do is to register with travel agencies, travel websites, national reservation systems, and tour leaders. One thing I want to personally tell my uncle is to partner with international companies like and  to for his foreign customers be able to book hotel rooms even before travelling to Uganda. Remember to do so if you start your green hotel business.

If you don’t have enough time to read this article just bookmark the site or print. This is a very long article.

Good luck and I hope you found this article helpful. Remember to come back if starting a hotel isn’t your thing. There are more business ideas that I will be giving in the coming weeks.
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Start A green Flower Business 2012

How do I start a green flower Business in 2012?
Flower Business
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Okay, lets find out how one can start a green flower business in 2012. Many of us love flowers. We use flowers in homes for decorations. We use flowers on funerals. We use flowers as special gifts to our partners; we use flowers as a token of appreciation. We use flowers to wish people well when they are sick in the hospital, have delivered babies, we use flowers on graduations and so on. So why should you start a flower business? Lets find out.
What skills or education do you need to start a flower business?
People who deal in flowers are called florists. These people are experts in flowers. Floristsare ecologists too. To start a flower business, the florist will need to know how to take an assortment of buds, blossoms and bulbs and turn them into a breathtaking array of color and life. This skill can help you achieve great number of customers in your flower business.
To start a flower business you therefore need these skills. In United States, there are schools of floral design if you would like to learn the specific techniques for the classic arrangements of flowers for your flower business. Taking business management classes can put you on an advantage in your flower business.
What is the start up costs for a flower business?
The cost of starting a flower business depends. For example, the flower gardens will need a building. Construction costs to build a flower garden building depends on many factors such as material, size and so on.
You will need office equipment, supplies, employees and the delivery vehicles for you flower business.
Also, if you will be advertising your flower business, you will need some money to cater for advertising costs.
What are the risks of starting a flower business?
For you to make money with you flower business, you need to choose a nice location where there is market for flowers. A few good locations a flower business are; hospitals, city halls were people marry, funeral homes, graduation areas and so on. You should be a ware that people will not spend much on flowers so set a good price.
What competition do flower businesses face?
The biggest competitors in your flower business are your fellow florists. To increase sales, you need to improve your marketing and advertising techniques.
What is the market size or market potential of a flower business?
Many flower businesses in small towns and cities get periodic work, for weddings, funerals and graduations. The market is unlimited.
I hope this information is helpful. Good luck with your flower business.
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Do Unelected Officials Have More Powers than Elected Officials in 2012?

Some unelected officials have more powers than elected officials. My argument is based on conflicting three branches of government. For example, in the U.S elected officials from the legislature (congress) formulate laws. These laws are reviewed by the unelected officials (the judiciary or courts) to determine whether the laws abide with the constitution. One of the roles of the executive (president and his cabinet) is to enforce the laws that are constitutional.  In United States, the Supreme Court judges are unelected officials. Their role is to interpret and determine whether laws passed by the legislature (congress) are constitutional.  Unelected officials have more powers because they can implement changes at the same time obstruct these changes.

On the one hand, elected officials need unelected officials to execute their plans. This basically creates a hedge of elected officials to rely on unelected officials. However, as professionals, unelected officials are limited to their job descriptions, ethics (applies to elected officials too), professional conduct rules and their desires to have successful careers. This limitation keeps them in check. They cannot implement policies that only favor their interests. However, this only applies to democratic countries. Although many unelected officials can lose their jobs as a result of misconduct, it isn’t the case in non-democratic countries. In united States, judges cannot be fired.

Lastly, the flop side about elected officials is that they stand a chance of losing their jobs if they do not get re-elected. Elected officials are obligated to carry their duties which in line with the desires of the public for the sake of being re-elected.
I found some interesting information on Iran regarding elected and non-elected officials. Check it out at


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Water Management system in U.S compared to Canada and Mexico 2012

According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (2012), the U.S has a comprehensive water management plan that has provided successful water management programs. For example, EPA (2012) notes that the U.S water management plan has helped and facilitated water conservation in the United States. The U.S water management plan includes clear information. This plan includes how facilities use water and how these facilities pipe water into their facilities (EPA, 2012).

On the one hand, the Canadian Government has integrated ecosystem and watershed managementin the management of water resources. According to the department of Environment Canada DEC (2012), the integrated ecosystem and watershed water management approach will increase sustainable development principles. DEC (2012) noted that the approach is designed to ensure that decision-making reflects the interests of all stakeholders and to balance a range of goals. These goals include sustainable water and aquatic resource management, protection from water quality-linked health threats, protection of aquatic ecosystems and species and reduction of the health, economic and safety impacts from floods and droughts (DEC, 2012).

In Mexico, the issue of water management is alarming. Barkin (2010) notes that Mexico still cannot assure adequate water services to its population and its aquifers and ecosystems are being degraded. He explains that local governments in Mexico face a virtually insurmountable challenge to assure universal drinking water service and adequate facilities for treating sewage water in an efficient financially viable manner that is also socially and ecologically responsible (Barkin, 2010). Also, Barkin (2010) explains that in Mexico, the conditions for establishing this regulatory framework are virtually non-existent. There is no oversight at the federal or state levels of public water agencies (Barkin, 2010)


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Wow,,,,Obama Seeps It Again!

This photo makes me feel more connected to Obama than ever before. His the first U.S president to connect with Americans this way.

Watch how Obama blends in this community. This guys deserves a to be a president.

This is why women love him. I haven't seen Mitt doing


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Accused of Sexual Assault

Do women in the military fabricate sexual assault accusations? Do you think women are abusing the justice system that is meant to protect everyone? According to the source of the story, the story is based on an on going investigation. The source decided to tell me the part of the story cited by the accused. The source does not know the story of the alleged victim. Your inputs to the judgment will be welcome.  Below is the story.

“I have known [name] since she begun working at the clinic. One day I gave her a ride after 1600 from the clinic to the barracks. From that day [name] and I started talking and she gave me her number. We were friends since then. [Name] used to ask me to give her rides to the church. I would give her rides but on some occasions I would be busy doing something. [Name] and I went out to movies on many occasions. [Name] paid for these movies. I only pain once for her movie ticket.

On June 2, 2012, [Name] texted me if I wanted to go to the movies. I replied back “I want too but I’m broke”. [Name] replied back with a joke “aww poor u” she text me saying she was not broke that she can get me a ticket this time. I text back asking her want movie was playing. [Name] replied that snow white and the huntsman or men in black 3. I text back asked her what she wanted to watch. She replied Snow White. I text back asked what time was the movie playing. She replied 945pm. At around 930pm [Name] text asking if I was ready. I text back saying I was ready. We left to go watch the movie at Island Cinema in xxxxx U.S.  [Name] paid for the movies. While watching the movie [Name] leaned on my chest, I ask her if she was sleeping. She said no. Although she did not ask to lean on my chest, I asked her if I could put my arms around her. She said its ok.

When the movie ended [Name] and I went to car. While talking and driving back to base, [Name] told me she felt so comfortable cuddling with in the movie. I said oh really. She suggested that we should cuddle more and asked if we could cuddle more in my room. I said ok.

When we reached base I honked one of my coworker who was walking toward his building. I parked my car. [Name] and I moved out of the car. She said “she can come to my room to cuddle more if I do not mind” I said its ok. [Name] said she would come to my room after taking a shower. [Name] went to her room and I also went to my room.  I text [Name] asking her to text me or call me when she coming so that way I open the door for her. A few minutes later she text me saying she was on her way.

[Name] knocked on my door and I opened for her. I went to my bed and [Name] followed me to my bed. I was wearing PT shorts and a T-shirt and [Name] was wearing a white t-shirt and green sweat pants. I was playing Internet music on my cell phone. [Name] and I went on bed and covered our-selves with my sheets. I asked if I could touch her. [Name] said it is ok. I touched [Name]. [Name] leaned her head on my chest. I asked [Name] whether she uses pillows she said no.  I her face was forward looking direct into my face. We started kissing for about 5-10 minutes. And talked about different things. [Name] said I should be her boyfriend. I did not answer yes or no. I asked [Name] If she wanted to her sex. [Name] said next week. I asked [Name] If she was comfortable me touching her. [Name] said it is ok. I touched [Name]’s breast. The Bra was tight. I asked [Name] if I could undo her bra. [Name] said ok.  I touched [Name] breast. I asked [Name] if it was ok for me to touch her. [Name] said its ok. I touched and we kept on talking and kissing on and off. One time [Name] went on top of me because she is heavier than me; she jokingly said she could kill me with her weight. After a while it was uncomfortable, I told [Name] to turn to another side. [Name] turned on another side. Her head leaned on my chest I touched [Name]’s breast. I asked her if she was comfortable for me to touch her body. [Name] said it is ok. With my left hand, I reached into [Name]’s sweat pants. She was not wearing underpants. I slide my left hand into her sweat pants. I touched [Name]’s genitals with my left finger. A few minutes later [Name] and I felt asleep.

At approximately 640am [Name] asked me what time it was I reached on the draw to look at the time. I told her the time.  She went back to sleep and I went back to sleep. At approximately 740am [Name] asked what time it was. I told her. At 816am she woke up. I saw the Marine badge on her sweat pants and asked her where she got the Marine sweat pants. She told me her friend gave it to her. [Name] went to look in the mirror in front of my bed and said her hair was messed up. She asked me if I have a hat. I had a New York Jets hat on my table. I told her to use that one if she wanted. [Name] picked it and put it on her head. I asked her if she wants a ride to church she said her friend was going to pick her up from shell gas station.

[Name] left my room and I went back to sleep. I woke up and started doing my schoolwork online and facebook.  I saw [Name] was online and chatted with her. I asked her how was church? She told me she was still there.

On June 5, 2012,  [Name] and his coworker [Name] came to my work place and asked for her number because she did not show up to work. I gave them the number. I called her [Name] on my work number and personal cell phone. [Name] did not pick up. In the evening after work I called [Name] on my cell phone. I asked her why she did go to work. She told me something happened. I asked her what happened she said she does not want to talk about it. [Name] asked me if wanted to go to subway. I told her I’m still broke. [Name] told that she would buy me a sandwich. I said I was ok.

On June 6 2012, [Name] text asked if she could get a ride to work. I text back saying yes and that I will be leaving in ten minutes. After ten minutes, I text [Name] I was outside. I waited for like another 10 minutes. I called [Name] and She told me she is coming. When [Name] came to my car she found my friend [Name] in the front seat. The duty van was also leaving to work she decided to use the duty van.

On June 7 2012 I text [Name] “Hey” but she did not reply. On June 8 2012, NCIS came to the clinic investigating me of a sexual assault. I told NCIS everything that happened. NCIS took my finger prints, photos, searched my room at the barracks, took pictures of my room, accessed my facebook account, made me sign a form allowing them to access my digital communication.

At approximately 3pm NCIS drove me back to my working place. I was issued a protective order from [Name] effective June 8th 2012 to July 8th2012. Was ordered to work at a different place until investigations are over.

Confidentiality statement: Any name mistakenly printed in this story does not necessarily refer to the alleged victim or the accused.

My question is do you think this guy sexually assaulted the girl? What would be your judgment on this case? Is there any irony in this allegation?

African American Terrible Transformation

Are you seeing any progress?

Americas the laws concerning black slaves introduced by the colonialists were to enforce labor on African slaves that were extracted from Africa. In United States for example, Africans were forced to work on early plantations. Kelley notes that, “As European explorers made their way to the Americas, they expected to find streets paved with gold…but the bounty had to be excavated, cultivated….labor was needed…” (Kelley 8). From this statement, it can be noted that Europeans decided to exploit Africans for free labor. The major characteristic that makes slavery in the Americas different from slavery around the world is that, not all Africans in the Americas served as slaves for the duration of their lives. (Kelley 1). It is stated that by 1617, a free black settlement was established in Mexico. Therefore slavery in Americas was different from slavery practiced elsewhere.
 According to Robin in the book History of African Americans, Terrible transformation may refer to several concurrent transformations in America that involved deliberate process through which indentured servants became slaves for life. An article published in New York Times entitled, “Africans in America: The Terrible Transformation (1998)” Explains how the transformation of free colonies into slave states made Africans slaves. This was based on race and would be passed down from parent to child. (Kelley 63). In the English and Dutch colonies for example, indentured servants would sign contracts to work under fixed terms for a limited number of years. (Kelley 64). It is stated that some terms would be shortened for good service or extended for disobeying the laws. (Kelley 64)   
 The Africans brought to the “New World” as slaves came with their languages, religious beliefs and musical styles among others. African slaves came from various parts of Africa this meant that they had different norms and different thinking. As a result, the different cultural forms were incorporated in American societies. African slaves introduced new cooking styles, new religious beliefs, and African techniques in cultivation. With this kind of knowledge, there were great changes brought to the Americas by African slaves. Kelley the author of History of African Americans notes that, “Although their number was small at first, the labor of the Africans was indispensable in the mining industries, textile factories and sugar cultivation....” (Kelley 49). From Kelley’s point of view, one can clearly conclude that Africans did not only cultivate sugar plantations but also introduced techniques their came with from Africa.
In addition, Africans that were brought to Americas worked in textiles, mining industries and farms. This labor provided by Africans contributed to the creation of wealth for those that owned the slaves. More importantly, it is noted that by the second half of the eighteenth century the work  provided by Africans workers have made sugarcane “king” in the Caribbean and Brazil (Kelley 49).


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Water In Developing Countries

I chose Uganda because is it is land locked and developing country, I wanted to know about this country's water crisis. According to the website, over 40% of people living in the capital city Kampala live in unplanned settlements. It is noted that of those residents, 17% have access to piped water (, 2012).

According to people use springs and other surface sources that are highly contaminated due to poor drainage and little regulation of waste disposal (, 2012). Also, claims that access to safe water supplies throughout Uganda is 67% and access to improved sanitation is 48% (Water. Org). 

What I found interesting and sad is that 40% of all Ugandan residents live in unplanned urban settlements near Kampala. In my opinion, water problems in Uganda can be solved by planning settlement, improving sanitation through planned settlement and investing money in water projects.

What suggestion would you give to Ugandan authorities? Please leave you comment. Thank you.


Unknown. (2012). Uganda. Retrieved from


Prior Appropriation Doctrine

Climate played a great role in the adaptation of various forms of the Prior Appropriation. Cech (2010) notes that the amount of water provided with a water right under the doctrine of prior Appropriation is based on the amount of water diverted and placed to beneficial use (Cech, 2010). However, the doctrine originally functioned as a simple, judicially enforced, system to divide small streams for a region sustained by mining, livestock grazing, and eventually irrigation. Cech (2010) continues to explain that the Prior Appropriation doctrine created private rights in a historic public resource, running water and imposing minimal sharing rules through the beneficial use doctrine, providing at least the illusion of a clear allocation rule in times of shortage (Cech, 2010).


Proponent of Future Dam Construction

I'm a proponent of future dam construction because of many reasons. For exmple, Cech (2010) notes that governments build dams as a strategy to deal with very specific issues such as the prevention of floods, the provision of water for drinking, sanitation, irrigation and the generation of hydroelectricity. I'm a proponent of future dam construction as longer as dams are constructed in a sustainable manner.

Also, I'm a proponent of future dam construction because dams either directly or indirectly improve incomes, welfare, food security and employment. This can be both directly or indirectly. However, dams can destroy ecosystems, reducing aquatic biodiversity and forcing the displacement of millions of people from their homes. This is why dam construction should be done in a well calculated and sustainable way.

According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), construction of dams can lead to improved access to water for household needs, improved health conditions, reservoir fisheries, increased local economic activity, improved access to markets via roads, employment in construction and tourism, recession agriculture in the reservoir margins and recreation (ADB, 2005). 

Do you oppose or support dam construction? Why or why not? Thank you for your input.

Cech, T. (2010). Principles of Water Resources (3 Ed) Hoboken, NJ: john Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Arturo Nuero (2005) Asian Development Bank and Adams Retrieved From

Baltimore County, Maryland

Baltimore County, Maryland is third largest area and middle-class urban county located in the north of Baltimore City (Snyder, 2005). According to the Snyder (2005), Baltimore County has a population of 770,000 people.  Snyder (2005) notes that the county covers 607 square miles running north of running north of Baltimore to the Pennsylvania (Snyder, 2005). Baltimore County has one of the most ambitious and successful land management and environmental protection programs. For example, Snyder (2005) notes that Baltimore County has a combination of tools and strategies such as land use regulations, land acquisition, an urban boundary, education, partnerships with private land trusts and development initiatives (Snyder, 2005).  

According to Snyder (2005), land cover in the Baltimore County is evenly split among urban, agriculture and forest (Snyder, 2005). For example, Snyder (2005) notes that 80 percent of the country is with the Piedmont plateau and 20 percent is in the coastal plain region. The wildlife that is commonly found in this area is white tailed deer.
According to Snyder (2005), it is in 1967 when the county created an urban growth boundary known as the Urban-Rural Demarcation Line (URDL). Growth and public infrastructure investments were targeted inside the URDL. It is noted that today, 85 percent of Baltimore County population lives within the URDL county’s land (Snyder, 2005). 
According to Snyder (2005), the URDL is one of the backbone initiatives that have preserved huge tracts of forests and agriculture lands. This initiative has resulted in the protection of biodiversity and wildlife. It is noted that wildlife habitat preservation was not the primary focus of the URDL program (Snyder, 2005).
Also, the county has encouraged areas within URDL to develop and redevelop. For example, the county created growth areas into which it has poured millions of dollars of infrastructure investment to support higher density development (Snyder, 2005). It is stated that in 2003, the Baltimore County executive, proposed a strategy to jump-start development on vacant infill and redevelopment parcels within the URDL. The strategy includes stream restoration program in urban areas aimed at correcting serious erosion problems associated with past developments (Snyder, 2005).
In Baltimore County, development review, environmental regulation, restoration programs and land acquisition are under the Department of Environmental Protection and resource Management (DEPRM) and the office of planning. For example, Snyder (2005) notes that the office of planning is responsible for long range and area plans. Also, the office of planning is responsible for periodic changes in land designation in zoning maps (Snyder, 2005).  

Planning in Baltimore County has been supported by extensive mapping of watersheds. For example, the Chesapeake Bay critical areas. Also, Baltimore County mapping of forest cover is said to be accurate and comprehensive (Snyder, 2005).
Baltimore County land acquisition programs are well funded. It is noted that Baltimore County first easement was in 1974 that was donated to Maryland Environmental trust (Snyder, 2005).  Since 1980s, Baltimore County has been able to acquire more than 40,000 acres.
In conclusion, I have learned that Baltimore is the third largest area and middle-class urban county located in the north of Baltimore City. I have learned that the county of Baltimore land cover is evenly split among urban, agriculture and forest. Also, I have learned that Baltimore County runs a successful land acquisition program and has a well funded land planning program as well.


Snyder, C. (2005). Nature-Friendly Communities: Habitat Protection and Land Use Planning. (pp. 152-176). Covelo, CA, USA: Island Press. Retrieved from

Red Light Cameras

   I believe that the term “claim” in the article “Red Light Cameras-Pursuing Profit Without Process or Purpose” can be found in the first paragraph of the same article. The author states that the government claims, “red light traffic cameras do not infringe upon citizens rights” (541).The author also claims that the government never tells its citizens that their rights and safety are being infringed for the sake of profit. (541).
     Although the author uses a lame word to say the government is lying, it makes sense when he states that the government never tells its citizens that their rights and safety are infringed upon for the sake of profit. From a real perspective, the government should not contract private companies to run such projects because these companies are profit motivated.
     The author rebuttals the fact that the purpose of red light traffic cameras is to improve safety on Charlotte streets by stating that these lights do not serve this purpose because they are owned and operated by private companies whose sole purpose is profit making rather than justice. (541).
     The author warrants that these red light traffic cameras create an easy way for these contractors to cheat the system. (541). He supports his points by stating;
“An illustration of this comes from John Irving of Bethesda, Maryland. He was ticketed     for running a red light, so he went back and timed the yellow light. John found that the camera- patrolled intersection had a yellow light set to 2.7 seconds, while every other yellow light on that stretch of road was 4 seconds”(541).

Well, do you think it is true?
Works cited

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