Saturday, November 24, 2012

Carbon Capture technology 2014 [Community resources]

In United States, different technologies are used to capture, transport and store carbon dioxide emissions underground. The common phrase used to refer to Carbon capture and storage is Carbon Capture technology (CCT) and sometimes Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). I do believe that CCT technology can help achieve dramatic reductions in carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel-fired power plants and industrial facilities in U.S and around the world. According to the Center For Climate and Energy Solutions CCES (2012), CSS technologies has already been used in U.S industrial facilities and the results have been pretty impressive (CCES, 2012). It is explained that new large-scale commercial CCS projects are being developed and the market to capture carbon dioxide is high in the U.S (CCES, 2012). In fact CCS is another incentive and way to make money in United States. CCES (2012) explains that selling captured carbon dioxide emissions provides valuable revenue to companies. This in turn help companies to overcome high costs (CCES, 2012). Because CCS is another incentive and way to off set production costs for companies, CCS technology can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

However, critics have argued that for CCS technology to work more effectively; the technology has to be deployed on large-scale basis. In Unites States, there are many small-mid sized industries, which cannot afford to use CCS because of the technology is expensive. This makes it a long and expensive process to fight global warming. The International Energy Agency IEA (2012) recommends a combination of methods in addition to CCS technology. These include the use of nuclear power, renewable energy, and new efficient ways of utilizing power (IEA, 2012). In my opinion, I do support the IEA recommendations and the CCS technology because as we wait for industries to invest in CCS technology, we can still use cheap and conservational methods of reduce carbon emissions.