Monday, June 24, 2013

How I Lost the Love of My Life

One year ago, I was filled with love and happiness, thinking that I was about to marry the love of my life. Caroline was my first childhood girlfriend. As teens, Caroline and I exchanged love letters and pictures. We went for walks, hanged out together as one would say, "we was like brothers."

Caroline and I made a promise that when we grew up, we would get married. No day went-by without thinking about Caroline. I was pretty a smart teen in school and so was Caroline. She was a student at a catholic school and I was a student at Protestant School. We could link up during seminars and school concerts. This is when I first had my first kiss. I can still taste her sweet lips. I loved Caroline.
As noted, I was a smart teen; I received a scholarship to study at a foreign University. I almost refused the scholarship because I did not want to leave my sweet Caroline. However, my guardian and elder sister insisted that it was the right thing to do.
I recall her face; the last time I hugged her and told her I loved her. She was so teary and upset that I was leaving the country.
Left for six years:
My scholarship was to last for six years. I kept in touch with Caroline. Email, Facebook and phones calls. I gave Caroline lots of promises and most was un-fulfilled. At first, Caroline was still determined to marry me but I kept postponing my return. Caroline was a responsible girl. She one time told me how she had waited for me and that she was growing old. She wanted a final answer from me.
As friends on Facebook, we could chat, video Chat and tag each other. For some reason I do not know, I posted something that concerned on Facebook. Many of my friends commented and I still think she was not happy with what I posted.
Facebook Retaliation:
A few days after my Facebook post, she posted pictures of her with a man. I was so concerned and jealous. I called and asked her who the man was. She replied that it was her co-worker.
Bad News for Me or Good News for Her:
A few months ago my sister informed me that Caroline got married. I still miss her