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Pest Management: Pest Control: Topic 11. How To Increase Pest Control Sales

Pest Management: Pest Control: Topic 11. How To Increase Pest Control Sales

A marketing strategy is something any company needs to increase sales and profits. This applies to pest control companies. If you own and run a pest control company, a marketing strategy is important for the success of your company. Pest control companies in United States spend billions of dollars in marketing. There are few cost-effective marketing strategies; I want to explain to help those new to pest control.

Develop A Marketing Plan Or Strategy For Your Pest Control Company.

1)    Cost Effective Marking Strategy For Pest Control Business or company

·      Marketing simply means getting the name of your company known in the area where you want to sell pest control services. For example, it starts with registering the pest control company with state and getting a business license. This puts your company in the State Business database. Although the state does not advertise your company in papers, it makes it easy for prospective customers to Google your company from state registered business database.

·      After registering your pest control business, secure a business address. It does not matter whether your pest control business office is at home or another location. The thing is to get a physical address. This physical address helps customers to actually find or walk in to your business. Also, physical address work as storage areas for pest control chemicals. It is not advisable to store pest control chemicals at home due to reasons like children and pets at home.

·      Print business cards for your pest control company. Printing business cards of your pest control business is one of the cheapest advertising strategies. After printing business cards, make it a habit of giving out a business card everywhere you go. This strategy advertises your pest control business.

·      Print Flyers for your pest control business. The flyers are usually intended for wide local distribution. To distribute the flyers for your pest control business, walk or drive through your local or areas you intend to provide pest control services and put a flyer in the mailbox or by the door on every home or business. Note: Mailboxes are properties of United States Post Office (USPS). Although USPS does not prosecute people putting flyers in mailboxes, it is better to avoid it and simply stick the flyer by the door.

·      Pay commission on every pest control job sold by someone. Pest control companies usually pay 15 percent commission to people who sell the pest control job.

·      Organize a local marathon and have you pest control company name on flyers, t-shirts, bottles to mention but a few. This helps people in your community to know the company.

·      Create a free Facebook page for your pest control company. The more people like your Facebook page the better. The name gets out and this in turn increases customers. The second option to a free Facebook page is to create a Facebook advertisement for your pest control company.

·      Create a free twitter page for your pest control company. When you open a twitter account and post twit, you gain followers. For a pest control company, the twitter post must focus on services, discounts for seniors, veterans and ongoing promotion for pest control service. The more you twit, the more followers you gain. The second option to a free twitter page is to create a twitter advertisement for your pest control company.

2)    Money Marketing Strategy For Pest Control Company The Will Increase Sales.

The strategies below are for companies already established and those companies that have a big budget (money) for advertising.

·      Newspaper advertising for pest control services or company. In here, all you need is to contact a newspaper company and buy advertising space in that newspaper. This type of advertising is expensive. It depends on which page of the newspaper you want to advertise your pest control company and how big in terms of page space is the advert.

·      Television advertising. Like newspaper, if you want to advertise your pest control company on television, just contact a television station and let them know you want to advertise on their station. It is very expensive to advertise on television. They usually charge per minutes and number of times your advert runs on their station.

·      Advertise your pest control company in yellow pages. Yellow page is something of the old but is one effective way of advertising to old folks. Old folks usually look for information from yellow pages.

·      Advertise with Google AdSense program. This is a new way of advertising but you need a website.

·      Create a website for your pest control company. This makes your pest control business easy to find online. Millions of people use search engines to find information. So having your pest control business online makes it easy for people to find it.

·      List you pest control business on Google map. This is the latest way to advertise and increase sales for any business. It works by opening Google maps and putting your pest control business information such as address, telephone on Google map. When people search for businesses in pest control category, yours to pops up hence increasing visibility and sales.    

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Pest Management: Pest Control: Topic 9. Controlling Pests In A House Of A Pregnant Woman or baby under a year

Pest Management: Pest Control: Topic 9. Controlling Pests In A House Of A Pregnant Woman or baby under a year

Many companies out there do not care whether homes they are treating have pregnant women or babies less than a year. All they care about is money. For those companies that are customer oriented, they have policies and guidelines; they follow when treating homes of pregnant women and baby less than a year. If you own and run a pest control company, here is what to follow when treating homes of pregnant women and babies less than a year.

Treating Inside A Home of Pregnant Woman.

When treating inside a home of pregnant woman, ALWAYS apply integrated pest management (IPM) techniques. First inspected the home inside and outside. See what is causing the pest to enter the customer home. A pest control professional must ask the homeowner whether he or she can remove the cause of the pest infestation. For example, throwing out garbage everyday can control small ants from the kitchen. 

The pest control professional can suggest a plan for the homeowner. For example, telling the homeowner that signing up for a monthly service can help her prevent pest infestation from his or her home. The pest control professional can explain that a monthly service includes callback where a customer can call several times during the month in cases of pest infestation.

If the problem inside a home of a pregnant woman is grave to call for chemical treatment, the pest control professional must tell the customer that the only way to treat inside her home, she has to go out of her home for 48 hours. If she insists, the pest control professional must refuse to take the job. In this case let her find another pest control company.

In fact before reaching at the point of suggesting that the customer be out of her home for 48 hours, some companies have suggested using baits other than spraying the house. The thing with baits is that baits work gradually and it takes time to control the pest. For example, if the pest control professional was treating a home for Ants, and he place bait or Ant gel, the Ants accumulate in that area where the bait is placed. This makes the customer freak out. So it is better to explain to the customer how the ant bait or ant gel work.   

Treat The Outside Foundation Of A pregnant Woman Home

When a pest control professional applies IPM techniques and pest infestation is still in a pregnant woman home, the last option is to use chemicals to treat outside foundation and under siding. The pest control professional MUST inform the customer that he or she is going to use a certain chemical to treat the outside foundation. The homeowner must sign and agree the he or she has received a label for the chemical. Pest control professionals must not treat inside a home of a pregnant woman or baby less than a year. They can only treat inside if the pregnant woman or baby under a year agrees to go out of the home for 48 hours.

Pest Management: Pest Control: Topic 10. Setting Up A Customer Appointment

As a pest control professional company, setting and routing pest control professionals to correct addresses and at right customer time is very important for smooth running of the company. It is easy to ignore customer convenient time for appointment but remember that unhappy customers cost the company money. For this reason, knowing the customer and knowing how to route pest control professionals increases work production and hence company profits.

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Pest Management: Pest Control: Topic 8: Labels For Chemicals Used In Pest Control

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a chemical label is a written, printed or graphical information elements concerning a hazardous chemical that is printed, affixed to the container or pipe work of a hazardous chemical.

In pest management or pest control field, a label for the chemical is law. A pest control professional must provide his or her customer with the label for the chemical before applying it to the customer’s property. Failure to adhering to label law is illegal and criminal. Pest Control professionals are held liable for violation of label law in United States.

  1. The name of the chemical
  2. The name, address and emergency phone number of the company responsible for the product
  3. Environment Protection Agency Registration Number
  4. An appropriate hazard warning
  5. Composition or Ingredients in the chemical
Hazard Warning also known as “signal words” found on pest control chemicals describes the acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) toxicity of the pest control chemical. The signal words on pest control chemicals are Danger, Warning or Caution.
Pest control Chemicals with signal word Danger is more toxic whereas pest control chemicals with signal word Caution are less toxic.

Why Are Labels For Pest Control Chemicals Important?

Labels for pest control chemicals are important because they alert pest control professionals of hazards that specific chemical cause.   
Labels for pest control chemicals also alert customers of possible hazards that the chemical causes. This helps the customer to refuse the use of pest control chemical inside his or her home.
Labels for pest control chemicals alert pest control professionals what safety protection measures to take while using the chemical or in case of an emergency.

Legal Requirements When Using Pest Control Chemicals

·      Pest Control professional MUST give label for pest control chemical before treating customer’s property.
·      Pest Control professionals MUST carry all labels for pest control chemicals they have in their car.
·      Pest control professionals MUST put a specific label on each tank, sprayer, hose they use.
·      Pest Control professional MUST read and understand the label for pest control chemical before using it.
·      Pest control professionals MUST ask customer if they have babies, pets or if they are pregnant and comply with company specific policies.