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People Dying Of Hunger: If I Was Appointed A Minister Of Karamoja Uganda or Any Part Of Uganda

People Dying Of Hunger: If I Was Appointed A Minister Of Karamoja Uganda or Any Part Of Uganda

Recently, it was reported that people in Karamoja Uganda are dying of hunger.  What is surprising is that the current minister of Karamoja is the first lady Janet Museveni the wife of president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda. 

I have decided to write a paper to be a go-by for any minister in Uganda. This go-by can help ministers to carry out policies in areas they represent. This will help improve service delivery in areas like Karamoja were people die of hunger.

First Days When Appointed A Minister Of  Any Part In Uganda.
Find Out The Area. Find out how many villages in that area you represent as a minister using the map. Using the map, write down all the names of the villages you see on the map. Remember this is all theory. Now that you know the villages in the area you represent, you will need to do a tour of all these villages to learn the names and real existence of these villages.
Organize A Tour To All Villages. You will need to know people who know these villages. To do this, get a representative from each village you wrote down. Write down the names, addresses and contact information of every representative in these villages. You can do a background check on each representative in this village. In this background check, your interested in knowing the families, schools they went too, places they have lived, close friends, businesses they run, how much they own etc. This will help you in future if they try to abscond.
Physically Visit These Areas. Now that you have representatives in these villages, you will ask them to arrange tours with you of all areas in each village.  During your tour, you will need secretaries and observers. The secretaries should write main points or issues the village representatives say. On the other hand, observers should write things that are missing in these villages. During the tour ask the representative things affecting his or her village. The secretary should note down these things.

After Physical Visit Of The Villages Call your observers and your secretaries have a meeting with them. Remember all these observers and secretaries are your paid employees. Each observer should present a paper explaining what they observed in each village and what is missing in each village. With the notice your secretaries took, compare it with the observers notice. Summarize by combining or removing similar points from observers and secretaries. Conclude by coming up with a paper for every village. The paper should mainly have what is missing in every village.

Retain The Secretaries Observers As Your Employees And Form A New Team Of Employees. The new team of employees will directly work with village representatives and all answering directly to you. Each new team member will represent a village and will be head of a village representative. The first thing you will task your new team of employees to do is to work with each village representative to do a village census. Forget about the number from the national census. The aim of the village census is to find out the population in each village so you can plan for each village.
Do Each And Every Village census. Through your new team and village representatives, carry out each village census. Remember village representatives are also paid employees but they report to the new team and you do verify the reports through observers and direct tours of every village.
Now You Have The Number Of People Living In Each Village And You Know What each and Every Village NEEDS. Refer to (The paper that observers and secretaries wrote).

Now it’s time for practical implementation. Remember you have to become very demanding when it comes to practical implementation.

Now go to the ministry of economic planning and ask what plans and budget they have for the area you represent. This ministry is slow but for first lady Janet Museveni, I believe they will give you answers in time.
Whether you get answers from this ministry or not, go demand money to carry out what you paper shows. For example go back to parliament or wherever you are supposed to get money from. Say the ministry of Finance.
Assuming you get the money. The first thing to do is to call the village representatives. Inform them that your ministry has received the money to solve the problems in their villages and how much the ministry has received. Show them the budget; this includes all expenses like salaries you pay secretaries, observers, new team and the village representatives. The money that each specific need in each specific village will need. Demand that these specific needs in each specific MUST be implemented and there are consequences for failure to implement. Remember you did background checks on all the secretaries, observers, new team and village representatives.   

Through you new team start implementing programs. Visit each village often with your secretaries writing missing issues. Send in observers often to see if the needs are still missing in each village. Encourage village representatives to call you through your secretaries to reports issues. 

With this small precise go-by many problems can be solved. 

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