Tuesday, February 23, 2016


WE CREATE OPPORTUNITY FOR EVERYONE YOJA CLEAN MOBILE APPLICATION Available on iOS and Android more info www.yojaclean.com

Are you unemployed and you have a smartphone? Or you just earning minimum wage? Maybe you tired of working for someone or you got fired.

  1. Just download Yoja Clean mobile application and sign up as cleaner. You will earn up to $25 per hour. Money is deposited weekly into your bank account that you provide. You will need your own cleaning materials and means to commute to your clients. You basically an independent contractor. Don't wait sign up today.

Customers: Are you stuck with that two year contract and late fees? Unreliable housekeepers or your housekeeper moved out of town? 

  1. Don't worry, just download Yoja clean Mobile application available on iOS (Apple Store) and Android (Google play). Sign up as Customer. You can either book a cleaning service for future dates or instantly book a cleaning service. With Yoja clean Mobile Application, a cleaner will be at your door in minutes. Remember No Cash exchanges, all payments are made through Yoja Clean app. Don't wait sign up today

For more information check  www.yojaclean.com